Strategic Cooperation Agreement Reached by Dehaier Medical and Hongyuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

BEIJING, June 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Dehaier Medical Systems Ltd. (DHRM) ("Dehaier" or the "Company"), which develops, markets and sells medical devices and wearable sleep respiratory products in China, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hongyuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongyuan Supply Chain") on June 20, 2016, to develop Dehaier's new Internet medical technology business.

Under the strategic cooperation agreement, Dehaier will leverage Hongyuan Supply Chain's sales platform to reach Dehaier's dealers and end users more efficiently, selling Dehaier's wearable sleep apnea diagnostic system medical devices to Hongyuan Supply Chain for further downchain sale and distribution.

Mr. Ping Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Dehaier, commented, "We are excited to cooperate with Hongyuan Supply Chain and believe the combination of Dehaier's smart health products and services and Hongyuan Supply Chain's modern logistics network supply chain system will speed our transformation from our past focus in the traditional medical equipment industry to emerging Internet smart wearable medical testing, treatment, family self-evaluation field, thereby improving our competitive edge in the medical industry. We expect the sleep apnea business will continue to consolidate, and we have targeted more than 1,000 domestic 3A public hospitals, mainstream market-based private medical clinics, VIP clients of insurance companies and nationwide old-age health services organizations. In the future, we plan to grow our sleep apnea business to cover a growing customer base and to focus on improving our planning, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, logistics and technical services efficiency. Hongyuan Supply Chain is a management platform to provide supply chain services to its upstream and downstream customers as the core of business. We believe Hongyuan Holdings' solid financial strength and good credit, together with Hongyuan Supply Chain's strong logistics network channels and resources will provide Dehaier an excellent opportunity to increase its distribution capabilities efficiently. Meanwhile, Hongyuan Supply Chain will rely on its strong logistics network channels and resources, in close cooperation with Dehaier, to open its business area of intelligent medical products business and create a diversified supply chain business system. "

About Dehaier Medical Systems Ltd.

Dehaier is specialized in the development, marketing and sale of medical products, including medical devices and wearable sleep respiratory products in China and international markets. The company develops and assembles its self-branded medical devices and sleep respiratory products from third-party components. Dehaier Medical's technology is based on six patents and eleven software copyrights. More information may be found at

About Hongyuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Hongyuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, one of Hongyuan Group's subsidiaries. Founded in 2001, Hongyuan Group is a diversified industrial enterprise group which covers logistics, real estate, integrated cross-border trade and services, supply chain management and asset management. With import and export trade, domestic trade, transshipment trade and other full-service processing capability, the main business of Hongyuan Supply Chain are petrochemical, coal, automobile, non-ferrous metals and other commodities supply chain management. Relying on a solid financial strength, professional management system and personnel, Hongyuan Supply Chain is moving into first-class commodities distribution sector, committed to create an integrated management platform which sets trade, investment and information services in one.

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