Lianluo Smart Limited is a professional smart service products provider, which develops, markets and sells medical wearable devices, smart devices and ecosystem platform in China. The Company's business is divided into three sectors. The medical wearable devices sector’s major products is wearable sleep respiratory device. It provides medical detection and monitoring to OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) syndrome patients. The smart devices sector is specialized in easy-using smart devices for sports, social contact, entertainment, remote-control and family health management. The smart ecosystem platform interconnects things and things, things and human. Lianluo Smart is endeavoring to become a leading provider of smart products both in domestic and international markets.

Up till now the Company has two wholly-owned companies: Lianluo Connection Medical Wearable Device Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd ("LCL") and Beijing Dehaier Medical Technology Co., Ltd ("BDL"). LCL was founded in 2016, it mainly runs our Sleep diagnosis business. And BDL was founded in 2003, it is the carrier of our Traditional medical business, and it continues to reach out for new medical business.